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Comprehensive Plan & Zoning Code Update

Message from the Town Supervisor:

"Over the next 14 months the Town will be undertaking the development of a comprehensive plan and zoning code update. The town completed a draft plan in 2006 that was never adopted. Upon adoption, this will be the Town’s first Comprehensive Plan.


The plan will articulate a vision and policies to guide future public and private investment in the community over the next decade. Topics that will be addressed include, but are not limited to, the future of our housing supply, economic development opportunities, recreation facilities, and infrastructure needs. The code update will translate these policies into a new set of regulations to ensure we get the type of investment we are looking for.


Given the Micron announcement and the anticipated growth that may come with this facility, this planning process represents an unprecedented opportunity to shape the future of the place we call home.  In order to be a success, we need your thoughts and ideas on our collective future.  Thank you for taking the time to be involved in the planning process as we work to make Cicero the best it can be."

Michael Aregano
Town Supervisor

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