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Comp Plan

 About the Project 

The Town of Cicero is concurrently updating it’s Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code to establish a strong framework for the future of the Town, and to ensure the community’s vision and growth is reflected in these important documents to support future growth, development, and investment. 

Want to get involved? Click here to learn about public engagement opportunities. 

 Comprehensive   Plan 

The intention of the Comprehensive Plan is to document a community’s existing conditions, identify the community’s future vision, establish policies, and put in place an implementation strategy. The Comprehensive Plan is one of the most important policy tools a community can implement. Its vision, policies, and objectives serve as a guide for decision makers and community leaders, while also providing a comprehensive development framework to guide future investment.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Plan:

  • Represents a statement of policy & priorities by the Town

  • Provides direction to decision makers

  • Strengthens legal position by the Town in land proceedings

  • Fosters economic development

  • Increases chance of obtaining funding

  • Serves to make government more efficient & responsive

  • Provides a forum for discussion among the community, business owners, etc. 

 Parts of a Comprehensive Plan include: 

Intro & Community Profile

Community Vision & Goals

Future Land Use

Action Plan / Implementation Strategy


Spring 2023

  • Community Kick-Off Meeting 

Summer 2023

  • Data Gathering & Analysis

  • Community Survey & Ideas Wall

Fall 2023

  • Community Input Summary
    Community Profile

Winter 2023-24

  • Vision & Goals

  • Community Land Use & Design Workshop

  • Future Land Use Plan & Map

Spring 2024

  • Action Plan

  • Draft Comprehensive Plan

Summer 2024

  • Referrals & SEQR

  • Town Board Public Hearing & Adoption

Winter 2023

  • Project Kick-Off

 Zoning Code   Update 

A Zoning Code is a legally binding document that establishes the types of land uses that are allowable in a community and where those uses are allowed. A zoning code outlines design guidelines for future projects, and establishes administrative procedures for variances and amendments to the Zoning Code.


The Town of Cicero Zoning Code update will follow the recommendations made in the Comprehensive Plan update. The Town of Cicero’s zoning code was adopted in 2001. Click here to view the existing code.

Typical Elements of a Zoning Code

Enactment & Administation

Introductory Provisions

Boards & Code Personnel

Enforcement & Administration

Review Procedures 


Application Requirements


Review Processes (SP, SPR, etc.)

Decision Criteria

District & Use Requirements


Residential, Business, and Industrial Districts


Special Purpose Districts

Additional Use Regulations

Development Standards


Nonresidential & Historic Design

Off-Street Parking & Loading

Landscaping & Screening

Definitions & Terminology 




List of terms


Winter 2023

  • Project Kick-Off

Summer 2023

  • Smoke Shop Regulations Adopted

Winter 2023-24

  • Community Land Use & Design Workshop

  • Preliminary Zoning District Framework

Winter 2024-25

  • Referrals, SEQR, & Local Law Preparation

  • Town Board Public Hearing & Adoption

Spring 2023

  • Stakeholder Interviews 

  • Community Kick-Off Meeting

Fall 2023

  • Interim Design Standards Adopted

Spring & Summer 2024

  • Preliminary Design Standards

  • Administrative & Review Procedures

Zoning Code
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